Sandra Briney has been weaving for more than 25 years, designing for over twice that, and is self-taught. What she creates takes time. There is no automated or computerized loom system in her studio. As much as 40 hours, or more, may go into winding the warps, threading them and tying the yarns onto the front beam, all before the actual weaving begins.

She custom dyes much of her yarn, and hand-paints many of the silk linings. Sandra develops her own designs, often spending hours thinking about, sketching, and revising the concept for a particular piece, until certain that she is satisfied with the color, texture, design, and scope of each individual creation. Then she prepares a cartoon: the drawing she follows, if weaving a complex design.

The line of hand painted silk scarves and bags now available on the site are a direct outgrowth of the hand painted linings that Sandra has done for the ecclesiastical garments. They are in response to many requests for items which non-clergy folks can use. She has broken free of the constraints of the liturgical colors, and is thrilled to be offering these items for the discerning public to enjoy.

Sandra prefers to take an artistic approach, processing what evolves from her mind and heart, through her hands, and into the cloth. Each work is singular and unique. The paraments, transparencies, stoles, scarves, bags, and other creations are labors of love; a love of the creative process as well as the end product.

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