These pieces are part of a growing body of work, using many different media to achieve my intentions. I hope you enjoy them. The beadwork is all original, and mine, as are all of the designs in work that I do. I use a backing material that is a non-woven matted polyester which gives me a good solid ground on to which to bead. I sometimes bend the material, clipping and sewing it into three dimensional shapes, and then stuff it, or layer it. Many of the beaded pieces are backed with Ultrasuede, as are the masks.

Some of the works are hand woven, some are white line prints, or paper molded to forms, or other materials. Each one is symbolic and mystical in it's origins, out of my dreams, thoughts and meditations.

I am working on a series of masks that will reflect realities, and hidden truths, in the way the peeling of an onion exposes layer after layer. All are part of "The Whole", or part of the "real" representation of it, as I am able to see it. Each layer might also be a buffer from our innermost realities, or even a deliberate misrepresentation, created by the sense of vulnerability and fear of exposure, with which we all struggle, as humans.

Sandra Briney
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